Thursday, May 11, 2006

Five Wallet-Friendly and Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

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With Mother’s Day less than 54 hours away, it’s likely that you’ve already given some thought as to how you’ll be honoring all the moms in your life.

You… have given it some thought, right? Right???

If not, that’s okay, because there are plenty of options still available for purchase between now and Sunday for someone with lots of money to spend.

You… do have lots of money to spend, right? Yeah, me neither.

That’s still okay! While I haven’t yet had the honor of being a mother myself, I can tell you that the best Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to cost you a week’s salary or need to be shipped in from Venezuela. Here are some unique ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that will ensure you still have a few bucks left in your wallet come Father’s Day.

  • A homemade greeting card. Remember when you were five years old, you might have broken out the Crayolas and delivered your own personal “work of art” to your mom. If you’re far from home and tired of sending the standard Hallmark greeting card, why not pen your own card complete with a sappy but heartwarming verse? The cost will run you about the same as a premium card: $1 for a box of crayons, and $2-3 for some heavy card stock.
  • Adult education classes. Make your mom feel like a high school student again with the gift of an adult education class. From cooking to ballroom dancing, self defense to piano lessons, there’s probably a class offered by your county or local school system that will give your mother a chance to explore a new hobby or revive an old one. In this area, there are classes available in the $20-150 range.
  • Cheap art. Check out a local starving artists’ sale which will have hundreds of amazing original and print artwork for under $50.
  • Bring mom into the 20th century. You can find a quality desktop computer for under $300, and while some mothers may be afraid of trying out new technology, others are just waiting for someone to help them get started. Toss in a $15/month DSL hookup so that mom can keep in touch with her kids via e-mail.
  • A tribute. If cards are more your thing and you’re hopeless when it comes to putting pen and crayon to paper, but you’d still like to give something more personal and touching than a grocery-store greeting card, consider sending a card that makes a donation to a worthy cause. Many organizations, like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation have their own line of cards just for this purpose in a variety of denominations.

But the best gift of all will cost you nothing if you can pull it off: try to spend some time with mom on Mother’s Day because no gift can take the place of her most prized possession in the entire world: you.

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