Saturday, July 29, 2006

Got Collectibles? How to Spot the Jewels in the Junk, Part 2

Author: Nick
Category: Money

priceless heirloom, or worthless pot

Here’s the conclusion to part one of this series which discusses ways you can find out the value of all those antiques and collectibles rotting away in your garage or attic.

  • Ask the item’s original owner. If you inherited that pocket watch from your grandfather and he’s still around, you might want to ask him more about it. He may know the source of the item or at least point you in the right direction for further analysis.
  • Look around in antique shops. Especially in historical districts that are loaded with them, antique shops may already have your item or something similar for sale. Of course, you may not find another one like your particularly valuable item in any brick-and-mortar store, so that’s when you turn to…
  • The internet! If only you could Google for pictures. But you may be able to use a description of your item and any writing on it to help you learn more about and find others like it for sale online.

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