Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Grand Financial Experiment #3: Saving Gas: Windows Down or A/C On? (Part 2)

Author: Nick
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saving gas--windows down or air on

In part one of this experiment, we saw that driving my MINI Cooper with the windows down in stop-and-go traffic was more fuel efficient than turning on the air conditioning. Now let’s see what happens when we move onto some faster roads…

(Video: 1 minute, 51 seconds; 2.9MB; Flash required)

Course #2: A 40-MPH Drive Around the Neighborhood

Windows Down, A/C Off: 31 miles per gallon
A/C On, Windows Up: 28 miles per gallon

Driving with the windows down still has the edge on air conditioning, but the gap appears to be narrowing. We’ll settle the debate once and for all when I take to the interstate in the exciting conclusion to this experiment.

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