Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How to Open Your New E-LOAN 5.50% APY Savings Account, Part 2

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small test deposit coming soon

I received a lovely e-mail from the folks at E-LOAN today. My comments in bold.

Dear Nicholas [Please, call me Nick!],

Thank you for opening a Savings account with E-LOAN. Our online Savings and CD accounts offer the following benefits:

– The great rates you deserve [Actually, I deserve 100% APY!]
– Absolutely no fees
– FDIC insured

Within the next four business days [!!!], we will send [yay!] and withdraw [boo! cheap jerks!] two small deposits to and from your external bank account. They will be noted as “BPNA re: ELOAN”. Your initial deposit will also be withdrawn from your external bank account at this time. [Really, shouldn’t they wait for me to confirm my external account first before they take $5,000 out of it? What if I stole someone else’s account information? Honestly!] For your security, no further transfers or account changes can occur until you verify these deposits. [So I can steal someone else’s $5,000; I just can’t do anything with it. Ah.]

To complete your account verification, simply:

– Log on to your account at
– Click on “Verify”
– Enter the amounts of the deposits
– Press “Continue”

Please note that this verification must occur by Oct 26,2006. After that, we are required to close your account and return any deposited money and interest earned to your external bank account. This helps ensure your security.

Again, thank you for your business!


E-Loan, Inc.
6230 Stoneridge Mall Road
Pleasanton, California 94588
Toll Free: 866-576-7283

E-LOAN (R) – Radically Simple (SM)

More news on the E-LOAN savings account front as soon as I have it…

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