Friday, September 29, 2006

How to Open Your New E-LOAN 5.50% APY Savings Account, Part 3

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e-loan took my money! wait, i told them to. nevermind!

Those two test deposits from E-LOAN hit my Bank of America checking account yesterday. (And as they promised, E-LOAN didn’t let me keep those 40-some cents.) I also confirmed that my opening deposit was transferred. I logged into the E-LOAN savings website, verified them, and that’s it!

For those of you opening new E-LOAN accounts, write down the answer to your security question. You might think that, as long as you remember your password, you’ll never need to provide the answer to your security question. That’s not the case! Instead, you’ll be answering your security question each time you want to make a transfer into and out of your E-LOAN savings account. So be sure to jot down that pet’s name, car model, or ex-girlfriend’s favorite soft drink for future reference.

As we speak, my HSBC savings account is being drained into my Bank of America checking account. Once that’s complete, the vast majority of my savings will be with E-LOAN.

My final initial thoughts on E-LOAN: Simple, easy, awesome.

Unless something big happens, this will be the last post in the series. Feel free to ask questions about the E-LOAN savings account here and I’ll answer them as best as I can.

(And yes, I said “final initial.” I’m an oxymoron!)

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