Sunday, June 8, 2008

Make Sure Your Ceiling Fan Is Spinning The Right Way or You’ll Be Warm and Stupid Like

Author: Nick
Category: Money

Here’s some advice from The Consumerist website:

If the blades [of your ceiling fan] are spinning counterclockwise, then you’re doing it wrong, and the fan is circulating warmer air.

This would be great advice if it weren’t for the fact that it’s super-totally wrong. The vast majority of ceiling fans blow down air—cooling you—when they’re moving counterclockwise and recirculate warmer air down when they move clockwise.

If you’re paranoid that your ceiling fan might be special and should spin clockwise, just look at the angle of the blades. See, they’re tilted about 10 degrees or so. To cool you off, the part of the blade that is angled higher should be moving forward so that the back end can push air down on you.

Also, a real quick rant: The Consumerist is a really sucky blog. I mean, there are blogs less than three days old run by illiterate, one-armed orphans who only speak gibberish that get their stuff right more often. Please, Consumerist, as popular as you are, you need to do some fact-checking once in a while. You guys are very quick to take anything that hits your inbox as 100% fact just because it makes big businesses look bad and yourselves look cool and smart and sexy. Well, you’re not. Okay, Meg Marco is pretty hot, but that’s about it. Stop misleading people, and if you can’t do that, simply redirect your visitors here where at least I admit that everything you read here is full of crap.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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