Monday, June 4, 2007

Mo’ Free Time With Mow-Free Lawns

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live webcam footage of grass growing

I can count on one finger the number of people I know who find any sort of enjoyment in mowing their lawns. Yeah, that person is me, and that’s because I have a tiny lawn that I mow with a push reel mower. It’s quick, quiet, and quite a workout!

As for the rest of you lawn haters, put down that gas mower and check out these alternatives to your weekly yard march.

  • “No-mow” grass formulas. While science is still a few years away from cranking out no-grow varieties of every grass, there are already some special seed blends that’ll greatly reduce your landscaping labors. Prarier Nursery’s No Mow Lawn Mix promises to reduce your mowing to just once or twice a year, while Fleur de Lawn features adorable pink flowers that will attract birds and possibly hot women.
  • Native grasses. Switch to native short grasses and you can toss out those fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Clovers all overs. Contrary to popular belief, clovers are not weeds. Instead, they’re short-growing, don’t need fertilizer, smell great, and are soft on the feet. Plus I hear they attract leprechauns.
  • Artificial “turf” grass. You don’t need to be a football or golf fan to appreciate the low maintenance requirements of synthetic turf. Putting green not included.

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