Monday, October 22, 2007

Never Buy Useless Garbage Ever Again With This Punny Shopping Flowchart

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One of the unfortunate side effects of being an obsessive deal shopper is that, while scouring the internet for all those fantastic deals, you find a lot of garbage you don’t need but you end up buying anyway because it’s a great deal. For example, you don’t need that nine-foot talking Christmas tree holder that normally retails for $399.95; but when has it on sale for $139.95, you’d be a blooming idiot not to buy two or three of them. Then you get your order in the mail, open it up, set up your talking Christmas tree stands, and only then do you realize… you’re Jewish. Oy.

Fear not, Punny shoppers. You can still cash in on blowouts without blowing out your budget on useless crap you don’t need. The next time you’re tempted to jump on a bargain, simply whip out the Punny Shopping Flowchart to see if you’re chasing a true deal or barking up the tree of trash.

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punny shopping flowchart - click to enlarge

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You can also purchase the Punny Shopping Flowchart in PDF form for just $39.99. Click here to order the Punny Shopping Flowchart.

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