Monday, April 3, 2006

Personal Update: Financial Funk, Credit Slam Dunk, and Unloading Some Junk

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Another largely uneventful month for our personal financial situation. The big arrow o’ money is still pointing in the up direction. It’s worth noting that I had an interview for a position at a different location in my company. My manager (and his manager, and his manager) asked me to give the place a shot, but I didn’t even wait for an offer after the interview to say “hell no.” My current place is happy to keep me (and I’m happy to keep my six-minute commute), and there were just too many negatives about the other position to make it worth consideration at just about any pay rate.

Our net worth went up just under 7% (+$2,621) for March. I’m still kinda shocked that I even make that much, let alone that much plus what it costs to live. I guess that college education is paying off very well. Stay in school, kids. And drink your Ovaltine.

One minor adjustment I made this month was to my W-4. Yes, I finally updated the darn thing to reflect that I’m married. So instead of getting a massive $6,000+ refund at the end of the year like last year, I should be seeing about $100 extra each week in my paycheck. (Sure enough, I am!) While I’ll miss the feeling of seeing my net worth go up by a big chunk every February, I won’t miss giving the government an interest-free loan, and I will definitely like seeing my weekly paycheck take a considerable jump.

Some happy news on the credit card front. We added the Citi mtvU Visa, Chase Cash Plus Rewards MasterCard, and Discover Platinum to our lineup this month. The Citi mtvU card, which is in Tegan’s name, is infamous for its student-only status but is well worth it for the 5% cash back at restaurants, bookstores (including most purchases), and movies. The Chase Cash Plus card will be used for its 5% back at grocery stores (which we’ll go to if these stupid storms ever end!), and the Discover will sit around and wait for a good “Get More” rebate deal (the current deal is 5% back at various automotive stores).

Tegan and I will be driving a car-load of junk up to my dad’s house on Saturday. They have a garage sale twice a year, and we still have a ton of stuff we’d like to unload. Don’t worry, I’ll be setting aside some stuff that I’d like to eBay, so you all will have a chance to own one of our priceless treasures. Priceless until I put a price on them, that is. Then they’re a dollar each or five for $4!

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