Monday, November 6, 2006

Punny Money’s No-Nonsense Book Reviews

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no-nonsense book reviews

In the next day or so I’ll be putting out my first real personal finance book review. Writing book reviews can be tricky because people looking to buy a book often want a clear yes or no answer on the value and content of the book. Traditional book reviews talk at length about the content and might mention some of the benefits of reading the book. Some will also include scores like “3 1/2 stars” or “7 out of 10.” Scores are nice for people who would rather read numbers than words, but people looking for book reviews probably want to know if they’ll get their time and money’s worth out of reading and/or buying it.

That’s why I’ve come up with a sort of template for all my future book reviews. I call them No-Nonsense Book Reviews because they’re short, concise, and get right to answering the most important question–should I get this book? These are book reviews for people who would rather read books instead of book reviews.

Here’s exactly what you’ll see in every Punny Money No-Nonsense Book Review:

  • Short Attention Span Summary. In 25 words or less, I’ll tell you what’s in the book and who, if anyone, should pick up a copy.
  • What’s in the book? Quick, straight facts on the content of the book.
  • The best part of this book… is self-explanatory. Maybe there’s a chapter or a memorable anecdote that really stands out. I’ll pick it out and mention it here.
  • People who need to read the book. If there’s a particular subset of people whose lives will be changed by this book, I’ll come out and say it here.
  • People who may want to read the book. The book might not be life-changing for everyone, but some people may still enjoy reading it and take something away from it.
  • How did this book help me? I’m an ordinary person like you, so there’s no better way to show the usefulness of a book than by stating how it’s helped improve my life.
  • Is this book worth buying? There’s a reason I own few books: just about anything I need to know can be found on the internet for free. I would argue that practically every personal finance subject has been exhaustively covered already and can be found online with a quick visit to a search engine. That said, books often present such information in an easier-to-read, more enjoyable format. This section answers a few key questions:
    • Is there unique information in this book you can’t find anywhere else?
    • Can you find the majority of the information in this book online with little effort?
    • Is there a different book I would recommend in place of this one?

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