Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Punny Poll #15: Gas, Electric Corded, Battery-Powered, or Manual?

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i have the power!

Oops, I let the videogame poll run for about sixteen years. But that’s okay! As it turns out, over 30% of you have dropped between 1K and 10K on your lifetime videogaming habits, and just under 5% have broken five figures! Roughly 20% of you haven’t spent a dime on games, and that just makes me sad. Well, not so much sad as hungry.

mower, insert grass here

On to the next poll which is inspired by the fact that I finally cut my lawn today. Yes, folks, Nick has lost his lawn-mowing virginity, and it feels so good. It felt even better to roll around the yard in my new Scotts push reel mower. It’s so much fun seeing the grass get clipped away… and weeds… and flowers… and… uh… oops, squirrel.

I’m thinking about my next lawn and garden purchases which will likely be in the weed trimmer and/or leaf blower category. I borrowed a friend’s electric corded weed trimmer today, and while it did a fabulous job, that extension cord is a pain in the grass. So I’m starting to lean toward electric cordless equipment, even if it is more expensive and less powerful. Or could I go with gas? Or maybe I should be on my hands and knees manually cutting each blade of grass to a precise height of 1.735 inches.

Help me out, Punny People!

Which type of lawn equipment do you prefer?

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