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Punny Poll #19: Ever Cheat on Your Taxes?

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Last Punny Poll, you were asked to confess your TV set spendings. Over half of responders claimed that their most expensive television ran them under $500. Another 30% have “invested” more than a grand on their tubes. Roughly 13% either found or stole all of their TVs, or perhaps they just don’t own one like that girl in Bridge to Terabithia whose classmates laughed at her. Don’t worry, non-TV owners, I won’t laugh at you. (Though I might giggle a bit at those of you who spent more than $1,000. Tee-hee.)

You may have heard by now that the Internal Revenue Service will pay you to turn in people who cheat on their taxes. Did you know that the average American cheats the IRS out of $1,000 in taxes each year? Okay, perhaps that figure is a little inaccurate. In reality, it’s just a handful of Americans (mostly corporations) that are doing most of the cheating. We’re talking about individuals and companies skimming millions from the Federal government through illegal tactics. So while the average cheat amount per taxpayer is so high, the median is much closer to zero.

That said, I’m willing to bet that somebody in the vast crowd of Punny Money readers has dabbled in a bit of tax fraud. Maybe you omitted a couple of earned dollars from that week you served jury duty. Or perhaps you “forgot” to declare a few thousand in savings account interest. You don’t even need to be American to cheat on your taxes! Punny Poll #19 asks you to fess up to your cheating ways. Don’t worry; I won’t hand you over to the IRS unless your total fraud bill comes to $2 million or more (the minimum that’ll entitle one to a reward from the IRS).

Have you ever cheated on your taxes?

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