Monday, November 26, 2007

Punny Poll #27: When Did You Start Becoming Financially Responsible?

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not the best time to wait to become financially responsible

Phooey on the more than 80% of you who said they haven’t tried online grocery shopping and don’t plan on it. I thought I would convince quite a few of you that internet grocery shopping with home delivery would save you time, money, and frustration while increasing the quality of your food. But that’s okay, you can just eat your expensive garbage you stood in line for two hours to purchase while the 3% of us who do all of our grocery shopping online have grapes fed to us by gorgeous delivery people. Grapes made of gold.

For the next poll, I thought I’d throw out a simple question with no right or wrong answers. (Well, there’s a bad answer, but I’m sure nobody reading Punny Money will select it.) Some people ask me how old I was when I started becoming “financially responsible.” For me, I was barely in my teens when I realized that I would need to assume the financial reigns of my household at a young age. I never went through the typical teenager phase of spending every penny as I made it, though that I meant I missed out on a lot of the fun things adolescents do.

How old were you when you became a financially responsible person?

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