Thursday, December 20, 2007

Punny Poll #28: How Do You Pronounce "Punny?"

Author: Nick
Category: Money

the actual punny money business card

Not surprisingly, the results of the last Punny Poll indicate that nearly two-thirds of you are financially irresponsible. Taking a look at the people around me, that fraction sounds about right. That is to say, it sounds accurate; there’s nothing “right” about being a moron with your money. Whenever possible, be a moron with someone else’s money. Of those few who have achieved financial responsibility, most did so between the ages of 19 and 25.

You’ll have to forgive the non-financial nature of the next poll, but it’s something that’s come up in conversation a lot lately. More and more people I know in real life are finding out about this website, so I’ve been handing out lots of business cards I had made featuring the name of the site (see above). Fully half the people who take a “Punny Money” business card in hand squint at it for a minute before finally saying, “Oh, PYOO-nee Money?” as in “the amount of money you have is tiny?” I assure you that is probably the case, so do not ask me for money. But that has nothing to do with this week’s poll question which asks how you pronounce the name of this here place on the internet.

How do you pronounce PUNNY?

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