Thursday, April 10, 2008

Punny Poll #31: Worried About College Tuition?

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The previous Punny Poll asked you to forecast when gasoline would hit $4 a gallon in the U.S. With the average price still under $3.50 a gallon, the 30% of poll-takers who predicted the price milestone would be hit by Memorial Day 2008 will likely miss the mark; thank you, 30% of people, for being wrong. My vote, which pegged gas at four bucks next year, only garnered 13% of the vote. Another 17% selected “This is the stupid answer for this poll. Please don’t pick it or you will mess up science” which explains why the U.S. is losing to countries like China and India in the fields of math, science, and following directions.

Speaking of educational woes, I recently attended a recruiting event for my alma mater at which several parents expressed their concern over the rising price of tuition. This is good news for cheaper, state-run universities like mine, though some parents were even alarmed at the prospect of shelling out just a couple grand a semester for their child’s college education. As poor as I was, even without scholarships I could have afforded that much to help secure my financial future. When speaking to these worried parents, I tried to link to these articles on getting paid to go to college or at least getting a degree without taking on loans; alas, it’s hard to click on spoken words and open them in a web browser, so they’ll just have to keep worrying for a while.

But what about you? Does the high price tag of a decent college education have you worried about your child’s financial future? Or do you have a clever plan for handling the $317,000 per semester your kids will end up having to pay (and that’s just for textbooks!)?

How worried are you about paying for your children's college education?

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