Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Really Great Money-Saving Tip: Stop Wearing Underwear

Author: Nick
Category: Money

We’ve all considered it at one point or another in our lives. Maybe you’ve even tried it out for a day when you forgot to do the laundry. Today I hope to show you all how much money you can save by never wearing underwear again.

Let’s start by figuring out how much you’ll spend on underwear in the next ten years. Assume you buy five new pairs of underwear each year, and that each pair costs five dollars. You might think that your total cost of underwear is just $25 per year and your underwear budget for the next ten years will be just $250. That’s a small price to pay to have some cotton wrapped around your special places, right?

WRONG! You’re forgetting the high hidden costs of underwear. Once you tack on the cost of washing your underwear, storing your underwear, going to the store and buying your underwear, money wasted on underwear that doesn’t fit you, and the ever-growing costs associated with underwear theft insurance, we’re talking tons of cash!

But the soaring price of underwear doesn’t stop there! Also consider the amount of time you spend both putting on and taking off underwear, the time it takes you to walk to your underwear drawer each morning, the time you spend coordinating your underwear with the rest of your clothes, and the time it takes you to sort the underwear in your laundry. On average, underwear-associated activities could take up as much as seven months or even two years of your life!

I know, you’re probably thinking that you can’t live without underwear. It’s aerodynamic, it’s always there to support you, it helps protect your special areas from frostbite, and it even comes in delightful shapes and colors. But even with all those fancy designs and advanced cotton technologies, very few people will ever see you in them! So save that underwear money for a nice suit or dress… or maybe even something a little bigger!

Just how much money can you save by going cold turkey on underwear? About $380,000! That’s enough to buy a house, seven speedboats, or 325,000 mylar balloons! But don’t take my word for it; this detailed graph will show you just how much an underwear-free life could mean to your wallet:

underwear costs a lot

So join the growing legion of people worldwide who are “going commando” and say NO to the high cost of underwear!

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