Monday, July 17, 2006

Super Stock Pick Tournament Round Three Results

Author: Nick
Category: Money

super stock pick tournament round three results

It was another sad week for Wall Street and for the Super Stock Pick Tournament. Every single team (even all the ones that have already been eliminated) finished down last Friday afternoon. So don’t think of the Final Four teams as the “winners” to this point in the tournament as much as they are the least losery. My searing commentary follows the latest tournament brackets.

super stock pick tournament round three results brackets

Believe it or not, Nick’s Picks (down 20.15%) are advancing to the Final Four after trouncing the Cool Tickers (down 36.98%). My picks will be going up against the Local Stocks (down 9.40%) which squeaked by the VIPERs (down 11.46%).

The Internet Slang team (down just 3.39%) continues to dominate the tournament, crushing the Axis of Evil (down 8.42%) and moving on to face the Vowels (down 12%) who were victorious over the Random NYSE picks (down 15.24%).

Heading into the next-to-last week of the tournament, it doesn’t look good for my picks which go up against a team they would have lost against in any other week so far. As much as I hate to bet against my own team, I’m gonna predict it’ll be the Local Stocks up against the unstoppable Internet Slang team in the championship game. But we won’t know the results of the Final Four until the end of the week, so check back then to find out for sure!

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