Sunday, July 9, 2006

Super Stock Pick Tournament Round Two Results

Author: Nick
Category: Money

super stock pick tournament round two results

It was a rocky road for the Sweet Sixteen of the Super Stock Pick Tournament this week. Only a quarter of the remaining teams finished up this week as you can see from the latest tournament bracket:

super stock pick tournament round two bracket

Some notable contests from Round Two:

  • My Picks, though down over 5%, continue their triumphant run for the tournament crown, squishing the 1-Day Gainers which fell over 12%.
  • The week’s biggest gainer, Internet Slang, rose nearly 5% and took down the CNBC Picks even though they were up over a percent.
  • In the battle between the random markets, Random NYSE (up almost 1%), stomped all over Random NASDAQ which dropped over 18%.

The Final Eight appears to be evenly split between totally random selection teams and those made up of picks with some semblance of intelligent investing. Will luck or smarts win out in the end? Tune in for the results of Round Three next week and see for yourself.

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