Friday, April 14, 2006

The Quest for a New Camera, Day 2

Author: Nick
Category: Money
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I’m starting to miss having a camera. I hope I don’t do something irrational like going to Best Buy and paying… retail.

While I slept, I missed out on this camera for $150…

A short while ago, it was available again from Amazon for $200 which is still a good deal over its $300+ price everywhere else. Apparently someone snatched most of them up and they’re now starting to appear on eBay for under $200. I’m going to try to avoid eBay for this quest if possible.

There is one key feature missing from this camera that probably would’ve killed the deal for me even at $150–there’s no optical zoom. Added to that, the battery is some proprietary design you can’t just pick up in a store. I have no shortage of rechargeable AA batteries, so I’d prefer to stick with a camera that can make use of them.

Sigh. The quest continues…

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