Friday, April 14, 2006

The Quest for a New Camera… Is Over!

Author: Nick
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Here I was wondering if you all would start getting bored with this, and then this sweet little Kodak number comes along…

Kodak Ultimate Camera of Awesomeness!!!

This camera retails for about $400, and I didn’t find anywhere other than eBay that had it under $300. But thanks to this thread on, I snatched one up for $200 after mail-in rebate.

It has every feature I was looking for and then some! The bonuses that put this one over the top for me were the 256MB of internal memory, the crazy-big 3-inch LCD screen, the movie capabilities, and the Wi-Fi card that would allow me to e-mail pictures right from the camera using any Wi-Fi hotspot. (Can you say “photo blog?”) One quick check with the review at Steve’s Digicams and my money was Dell’s!

The search for a new camera could’ve easily lasted me into next month. And while I could get by just fine without a digital camera for a bit, it has quickly become one of those conveniences of modern life that I don’t like being without.

Join me next week as I start my Quest for Stuff to Take Pictures Of!

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