Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This Make$ Me Laugh: Boston Gal’s Mom Says Water Is For Pansies, Gives Vodka to Flowers

Author: Nick
Category: Money

boston gal make$ me laugh

This week’s laugh$ come courtesy of Boston Gal–or rather, her mom. See, Boston Mom seems to think that a shot of Vodka is just the right ingredient for fluffy, fragrant Narcissus bulbs. Unwilling to part with even an ounce of her precious Stoli, Boston Gal takes to the internet to dispel this myth.

proof that alcohol is good for flowers... 100 proof, that is

Turns out her mom was right.

Well, once again I have not followed my Mother’s advice. So, for now, the bulbs are sober.

Lesson learned: always listen to your mother when she tells you to empty your liquor cabinet into your garden. Except when she’s already emptied her own liquor cabinet into herself. In that case, listen to me who says you should e-mail me all your booze.

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