Wednesday, January 3, 2007

This Make$ Me Laugh: Showcasing the Funniest in Personal Finance

Author: Nick
Category: Money

this make$ me laugh

It’s hard to imagine that any website in existence could possibly match the awesome level of funny found at Punny Money. But every so often, I’ve been known to laugh at a joke told by someone else.

In an effort to encourage the use of more wit and humor in the somewhat dry topic of personal finance, you’ll be seeing a new ongoing series here called This Make$ Me Laugh. I’ll be highlighting articles by other finance writers who put the “fun” back into “funancial.”

If you’d like to nominate an article (yours or someone else’s) for this series, just send me an e-mail with the link and something to get me interested in clicking on the link (funny title, excerpt, whatever). Please put “This Make$ Me Laugh” in the subject line. Submitted articles should meet the following guidelines:

  • Be about money. Personal finance, investing, real estate, retirement, business, etc. are all fair game.
  • Be funny, witty, or otherwise humorous. The whole thing doesn’t have to be funny. But if I don’t laugh, it don’t go up.
  • Be recent. Please don’t submit posts that are more than a week old.

I hate rejecting people, no matter how lame they are; so if you don’t hear back from me, consider that a polite “maybe next time.”

So start tickling your funny bones and get writing!

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