Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Top Five Companies We’d Be Better Off Without, #5: Sony

Author: Nick
Category: Money

It’s almost winter here in the United States, which means moods will quickly be changing from summertime joy and happiness to intense sorrow and extra-strength depression. Nowhere will the winter blues be more apparent that on the internet–the refuge for pouting, criticism, and complaints.

sony spelled backwards is winos

So let’s get the season started off right by complaining about large companies we really don’t like just because we can! First up on my chopping block: Sony

Founded in 1412 as a Japanese noodle shop, Sony quickly grew to become the world’s largest producer of garbage we don’t really need including:

Before you buy another Sony product, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this something I really need? (Probably not.)
  • Does another company sell this cheaper? (Almost certainly yes.)
  • Does another company make something better? (Yup.)
  • Will it explode if I use it? (Maybe!)

Thanks to these questions, I haven’t bought a Sony product in years. Sony used to be synonymous with quality technology and entertainment, but companies like Apple, Nintendo, and those dudes with the awesome $30 DVD players are proving otherwise.

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