Saturday, July 29, 2006

Verizon Lies About Dry-Loop DSL Availability

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UPDATE (4/23/2007): Read Punny Money’s Guide to Dry Loop DSL and have all your dry loop questions answered.

liar, liar, phone lines on fire

It used to be that if you wanted Verizon’s DSL internet service, you had to have a Verizon landline phone service. They claimed the two went hand-in-hand and there was nothing they could do about it until they rolled out their so-called “dry loop DSL” which would allow those without Verizon landlines to use their DSL service.

We live in an area that Verizon, through its online availability checker, says does not yet support dry loop DSL. That means we have to dish out an extra $35 a month to them to use their local phone service. It’s been like that since we moved in here nine months ago.

Fast forward to earlier this week. Our entire apartment community lost its phone service (provided and maintained by Verizon). Three days later, it hasn’t been fixed. We have no landline telephone service… and yet, our DSL connection is working fine. We are, in essence, running on dry loop DSL, a service which Verizon swears is not yet available in this area.

It looks like Verizon just wants to cheat us out of extra money each month by forcing us to use their landline service in conjunction with its internet service. But in reality, it seems their DSL service works just fine here without the landline service also working. I just called Verizon about this issue, but they refused to acknowledge that DSL will work without a landline in an area that does not yet support dry loop DSL.

So apparently I’m just imagining that I have this working DSL internet connection and no phone service to go along with it.

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