Monday, August 14, 2006

Welcome, Business Week Online and Trapeze Artists Monthly Readers

Author: Nick
Category: Money

Okay, I’m partly fibbing; my dream of being mentioned in Trapeze Artists Monthly remains unfulfilled, but I did get an equally pleasing inclusion in Business Week Online. In Best Blogs for the Young and Broke, the lovely and talented Karyn McCormack talks about some of the best personal finance writers out there. Oh, and somehow I’m mentioned, too!

Nick Ferris, a 23-year old software engineer in Rockville, Md., started writing Punny Money about a year ago “to express my creative side” and measure his own progress with his finances. In between his job and studying for a master’s in computer science at John Hopkins University, he takes up a challenge from a reader to find out whether clipping coupons is worth the time and money.

“It hasn’t done much for me, and it takes time,” he concludes. “My time is worth $90 an hour to me.” He admits he’s only been able to collect that sum once, and he discounts his time helping friends. “I encourage others to compute how much your time is worth,” he says.

As for investing, Ferris has a 401(k) and actively manages it. “I check it every week and depending on how the markets go, I’ll adjust it as needed.” His next venture is starting a blog about the Olympics–essentially a guide to the 2008 games in Bejing.

I invite you all to see the coupon experiment Karyn mentions for yourself, and be sure to check out my article on putting a hard dollar figure on your time so you’ll know if all those money-saving tips you see are worth your time or not.

Oh, and it looks like Karyn let the cat out of the bag on my next project, but I promise I’ll talk more about it here soon.

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