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Year-End Goal Review and Goals for 2008

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this new year, i resolve to use relevant alternate text for my images... pssh yeah right

Way back in January, you may recall that I shared with all of you my financial goals for 2007. I’m happy to say that I met all three of them as well as several other goals that I did not publicly disclose, either because I wasn’t sure I would meet them or because I’m just making them up right now.

Here’s a look at my personal finance goals for 2007 and my degree of success meeting each of them.

Nick’s 2007 Financial Goal Performance Review

  1. Double our liquid savings. I guess this depends on your definition of “liquid.” And also of “double.” If we can take liquid to include the equivalent 9.36% 7-month CD in which most of our money is sitting right now, then we’re good there. And if double includes the fact that I have money in 58 bank accounts so there’s no way I’m adding them all up right now to figure out how much we have, then we’re good with that too. Goal Status: Probably 100% complete
  2. Separate personal and business finances. This year was a stellar year for Punny LLC. It was also the first year for Punny LLC, so I guess you could also say it was the suckiest year so far. Thanks to advertising revenue, we made enough money to rescue seven pot-bellied pigs and free them into the wilds of the Sahara Desert. There is now a sharp dividing line between all personal and business money, and there is also a clear split between the personalities of Normal Nick and Personal Finance Nick. Normal Nick is boring yet handsome, while Personal Finance Nick is totally whacked out of his gourd. Goal Status: 115% complete!!!
  3. Become 100% richer. With less than a week remaining in 2007, we are still about $1,500 shy of meeting this goal. The good news is that I get one more paycheck this year, and all of the bills for the month are paid, but that still won’t be enough to hit the $1,500 mark. That’s why I’m afraid that I must convert Punny Money to a pay-per-view site for the remainder of 2007. If you are reading this, please send me $50. If you do not, you are stealing the internet. Thank you. Goal Status: Hell yeah!
  4. Secret Goal #1: Make six figures. I don’t have anywhere near a six-figure salary for my day job, but I have worked an awful lot of overtime this year. When added to the side business income (but not including interest or investment income), it looks like that last paycheck of the year will just throw me over the $100k gross level. Of course, when you take out taxes, living expenses, extortion payments, and the cost of supporting my ceramic rooster collecting habit, there’s just not that much left. Goal Status: Completed by the skin of my teeth!
  5. Secret Goal #2: Eat $1,000 worth of free food. One day I’ll have to share my obsession with and tips for hunting down free food. While you won’t find me hiding in the lines at the local soup kitchen, you might spot me swooping in for a free muffin left over from an executive meeting down the hall or eating six pounds of pulled pork at the company picnic. Oh, and for comparison purposes, a quick look in Quicken reveals that we only spent a little over $1,000 on groceries for the year for both of us (though we also spent the same amount dining out). Goal Status: Done and delicious!
  6. Secret Goal #3: Resist the urge to buy new technology. No iPhones or HD-DVD players for me! (Bought the Nintendo Wii in 2006, so it doesn’t count for this year.) While we could have afforded these things, they really wouldn’t have done much to increase the quality of our lives. I hate cell phones as it is, and we don’t even have an HD television to justify spending $200+ on a player. That said, I think we’ll have several high-tech purchases coming up in 2008. Goal Status: Low-def but definitely done!

Six for six! That means I also met my goal of being amazing! I guess I need to make 2008’s goals much harder.

Nick’s Goals for 2008

  1. Stop working so much. Yes, this probably means I won’t have enough overtime pay to hit the $100k figure again in 2008, but I really don’t want to do another 3,000-hour work year again next year. That’s not including time spent on side businesses which I’d like to actually do more of in 2008. So hopefully that means I’ll get back to writing five times a week for Punny Money since I know that’s all you greedy people care about (which is great!).
  2. Cut recurring expenses by 5%. We’re already lean on expenses as it is, so 5% may be difficult to pull off.
  3. Buy more videogames. Yes, you read that right. I only bought five or six games in 2007. This is compared to an average of 20 or 30 in previous years. While I won’t necessarily enjoy spending the money, buying them means I have more free time to actually play them which is sort of the real goal here.
  4. Double side business income. My girls probably won’t like me taking a bigger cut of their action, but… oh, uh, not that side business. Uh… carry on!
  5. Plan more extensively for the future. Right now, I have our finances on track to support a retirement for both of us by 60 or sooner, college for up to two kids, and funding for my attempt at constructing the world’s largest tower of pennies. While all of this is pretty automatic assuming I continue funding our retirement financial vehicles, I’d like to have a better idea of where we will be financially in 5, 10, 15, and 20 years and what we need to do to get there.

Don’t forget to review your own goals for 2007, and be sure to set some nice ones for yourself in the coming year. I have a feeling 2008 will be a powerhouse financial year for everyone. Either that, or the country’s economy will melt down and we’ll all be lining up for free food at the soup kitchen. Happy New Year!

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