Punny Money’s Overly Complicated Yet Quite Amusing Link Request Policy

So you want a free link to your website from Punny Money? Awesome! Grab a number and you’ll be served in the order you arrived.

(You grab number 1,286.)

“Number 3, step forward!”

Okay, so maybe the linking policy here at Punny Money isn’t that terrible, but it’s pretty darn close. That’s because I receive a lot of requests to be added to the list of permanent links you see on the right sidebar under “Punny Money Recommends…”. Why so many requests? Well, it’s probably because a permanent link in that spot is very valuable. Here’s why:

Reasons Why Permanent Links From Punny Money Are Very Valuable

  • For some strange reason, a lot of people read and enjoy Punny Money.
  • Many would like to know what other sites I recommend.
  • When I recommend a site, it’s because that site is truly awesome.
  • I try to keep that list down to 30 links or fewer. Fewer links means each one is more valuable.
  • Those links are site-wide. There are 1,000+ pages on Punny Money. One times 1,000 is a very big number.
  • Punny Money has a high Google PageRank. This means Google’s search results look very favorably on your site if I link to it. That means more search engine visitor traffic for you.
  • To buy a link on Punny Money costs advertisers $40 or more each month.

So yes, getting a link on here is worth all the trouble I’m going to put you through to get it!

In any given week, I’ll receive between 10 and 100 requests for “linking,” “bookmarking,” or “blogrolling.” Here’s what I usually do with these e-mails:

  1. I read them very carefully.
  2. I follow the link.
  3. I either add the site to my list of permanent links (0.1% of the time) or I don’t (99.9% of the time).

Suffice it to say, e-mailing me to request a permanent link is a bad way to go.

Here’s the good way to get a permanent link from Punny Money:

How to Get a Permanent Link From Punny Money

  1. Make sure your site is relevant. This is a personal finance news and commentary website. All sites under “Punny Money Recommends…” are also personal finance news and commentary websites.
  2. Exist for a while. If your website is younger than four months or has fewer than 50 articles, it’s very unlikely that I’ll have enough material on which to base my decision to add your site.
  3. Link to Punny Money. In very rare circumstances, I will link to sites that don’t already link to me. You improve your chances of getting a link by 387.2% if you have a link to Punny Money on your site.
  4. Become a regular commenter. You get to leave a link to your website with every comment you make here on Punny Money. If you leave regular, insightful, amusing comments, I will notice you. This is how 50% of the “Punny Money Recommends…” sites got their spots. The most prolific commenters each month automatically get a link on every page (see “Top Commenters” on the right sidebar).
  5. Join the MBN Forums. I’m a regular over at the MoneyBlogNetwork Forums. If you join and become a valuable contributing member, I will notice you. This is how 25% of the “Punny Money Recommends…” sites got their spots.
  6. Participate in various Punny Money events. From time to time, I’ll open Punny Money up to outside contributions, such as This Make$ Me Laugh. Participating in these events is a great way to catch my attention. About 15% of “Punny Money Recommends…” sites got their spots this way.
  7. Be original. Breaking news: many personal finance websites are boring! Do something new or different with your site and I’m sure I’ll notice it pretty quickly. This is how the remaining 10% of “Punny Money Recommends…” sites got their spots.
  8. If all else fails, buy a link. If a link from Punny Money is that important to you, you can bribe me into giving you a permanent link. Note that this would be considered a paid advertisement, so you’d end up under one of the Sponsored sections. Drop me a line and we’ll talk business.

And because it’s happened before and is sure to happen again…

How to Lose a Permanent Link From Punny Money

  1. Inactivity. If you post less than I do (is that even possible?), your link will probably go to somebody who posts more.
  2. Off-topicness. All of the “Punny Money Recommends…” sites are 75% personal finance or more. If you veer off-topic too often, I’ll veer you off the list!
  3. Boringosity. I just invented a new word for when websites become boring or lame. New, exciting, original content keeps your permanent link permanent, and I might even highlight your best stuff in special posts.
  4. Paid posts. If you participate in paid review websites like PayPerPost or ReviewMe, your credibility goes out the window. And so does your link from here.
  5. No or partial RSS feeds. If I’m going to link to you, then I’m going to want to read your stuff. That means you need an RSS feed which syndicates your full content. Read more about the shame of partial RSS feeds before you think about switching to them.
  6. Other reasons. If you make racist remarks, dangle babies from balconies, or do anything else that might upset a normal person, it might also upset an abnormal person like me. I reserve the right to remove any permanent link anytime for any or no reason, though likely you’ll need to do something really awful to get me to do this.