Friday, January 4, 2008

Stuff Worth Reading, Because Me Eats Everything, Nom Nom Nom

Author: Nick
Category: Money

hmm... i think i remember fighting this guy in the legend of zelda

(In case you don’t already know, “nom nom nom” is the internationally recognized phrase for eating cutely. See Exhibit A for details and proper usage.)

Stuff Worth Reading returns with an insatiable appetite for prowling the internet for the very best of personal finance articles. My own appetite is also rather insatiable, but I’m sure that will subside this weekend when I face off against the IHOP All You Can Eat Pancakes. Current Vegas odds are 2:1 that I’ll be able to get through a dozen flapjacks. I’ll be disappointed if I leave before eating at least a thousand.

It looks like other personal finance writers are just as hungry as I am. Here’s a look at some of them and what they’re munching on this week.

  1. Clever Dude tells the sad tale of some buffet lovers who got themselves banned for eating too much. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this happens to me, but I don’t go to any single buffet frequently enough for them to have caught on to me yet.
  2. If you think you’d save money fixing your own salad instead of eating one at a restaurant, The Frugal Duchess says you don’t know the half of it. She shares tips on making your own gourmet salad that’ll save you both money and time.
  3. Give Me Back My Five Bucks laments the high cost of meat substitutes. I thought meat was expensive, but apparently not eating it can be even costlier!
  4. Did you know that a clean kitchen can save you money? Frugal Village enlightens us on how a tidy cooking area isn’t just for obsessed neat freaks and haters of salmonella poisoning.

I’m sure I’ll have tales to tell of my battle against IHOP next week, so be sure to tune in for that. Until then, stay warm, and may your pancakes be light and fluffy!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Stuff Worth Reading, Because Everything Tastes Better With Cheddar

Author: Nick
Category: Money

please do not go, i camembert it

Cheddar on crackers. Cheddar on popcorn. Cheddar on sausage. Cheddar on squirrel. You name it, it’s better with cheddar.

The only thing that doesn’t go well with cheddar is personal finance, but that’s probably because personal finance is an intangible quality and the cheddar would just slide right off. So really you’d just have personal finance over here, and a pile of cheddar on the floor. And that just ain’t right.

Since there’s already cheddar in this roundup, the only thing missing is personal finance. Let’s correct that heinous oversight with a quick look at some interesting though cheddar-free articles that made their appearance this week.

  1. It seems that some credit card issuers pulled a fast one on consumers traveling and/or purchasing abroad. Advanced Personal Finance fills us in on the details of getting a chunk of the resulting class action settlement.
  2. Being Frugal shares ideas on how to keep your kids from being greedy little punks this Christmas season without having to beat them senseless. (Note: I do not advocate beating children, except perhaps at Candy Land, which I still haven’t managed to do.)
  3. Financial Dominance reviews a list of legal documents you should have. I would also add “Instructions to give Punny Money all of my assets” to that list.
  4. Watch out for I’ve Paid For This Twice Already. She’ll gladly lend you her grocery savings card, but then she’ll keep your rewards for herself. Hmm, I wonder if someone could turn this into a full-time job…
  5. Lazy Man and Money is having major issues with’s job search. Perhaps he should try my method of finding a new job: ask a co-worker to sleep with your new potential boss. I am not kidding; this is how I got my current job. Of course, it helps if they’re already married to each other and wouldn’t mind doing that like in my case.
  6. Money, Matter, and More Musings defies conventional wisdom (and even gives the finger to unconventional wisdom) by saying that there’s no such thing as bad debt.
  7. Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist corrects a minor inaccuracy in my mortgage bailout rant by pointing out that many subprime mortgage rates are already ridiculously high.
  8. The Digerati Life satisfies your stoned teenager need to see shiny things this holiday season but without busting your budget.

That’s some very gouda stuff indeed. Oh man, now I bleu it with these cheese puns. Until next time, I swiss you all a happy weekend!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Stuff Worth Reading, Because I Sure Didn’t Write Much This Week

Author: Nick
Category: Money

here is a potato, for your viewing pleasure

Holy cow, there were only two Punny Money articles this week. What an abomination? I should hara-kiri myself right now for failing to provide the world with insightful financial information and humorous bulleted lists.

I have no excuse that can adequately justify my failure to write more this week, though in my defense I will say that it’s been a crazy week for me. On top of looming deadlines at work and a 30-page paper due for a class, I’ve also been asked to help the U.S. government balance the Federal budget, reign in rampant inflation, stave off a recession, and reallocate Social Security money to pay for a new air hockey table for the White House break room. While I’ve been busy saving the world from financial destruction and unprecedented boredom, these folks have been churning out delicious morsels of fiduciary fun for children of all ages:

  1. A Penny Closer made $5 by killing a defenseless lobster with his bare hands.
  2. Advanced Personal Finance was a contestant on America’s fastest-growing quiz sensation, Goodwill, eBay, or Trash?
  3. I’ve Paid For This Twice Already‘s spouse is getting tested, possibly for lice. Good luck!
  4. A badly programmed supercomputer is plotting to murder Lazy Man and Money.
  5. Money, Matter, and More Musings went to New Orleans and drank in the streets and ate breakfast all day long.
  6. My Two Dollars is giving everyone a new car for Christmas! Yay!
  7. No Credit Needed is living in a trailer in his yard. Poor guy.
  8. The Digerati Life interviews a princess who has a magical heart-shaped lollipop.
  9. The Frugal Law Student is the hottest person in Walgreens.
  10. The Simple Dollar pays a team of undocumented workers $120 an hour to wash Ziploc bags for reuse. I don’t know about you, but I think those jobs should go to American bag-washers!

Yeah, I didn’t exactly read any of those articles, so I may have totally made up these descriptions based off a cursory glance at their titles or pictures. Forgive me if they’re somewhat horribly inaccurate. But that shouldn’t stop you from reading them!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Stuff Worth Reading, Because The Best Black Friday Deals Are In My Bed

Author: Nick
Category: Money

no shopping allowed

Nine uninterrupted hours of sleep in a soft, comfy bed for the low price of zero dollars? I’d say that’s the best bargain you’ll find this Black Friday. As for the rest of you freaks who decided to risk pneumonia to stand in line at 2am in order to save 10% on electronics you don’t need and cashmere sweaters you’ll just rip a hole in anyway, here are some highlights from other personal finance writers to help bring the feeling back to your extremities.

  1. writes a heart-warming story about paying utility bills with credit cards. I was interviewed for this article where I revealed that I like to keep warm during the winter by layering myself in dozens of pairs of women’s underwear. Silky and toasty!
  2. I’ve Paid For This Twice Already uses those leftover turkey remains to their full extent. Frugal and delicious! That said, using the bones to trick your kids into thinking you live on an ancient Native American burial ground is just mean. Unless you videotape it. Then it’s funny.
  3. Do you need to make more money so you can waste it on Black Friday impulse buys? Of course you do, and The Digerati Life tells you how!

Only three articles this week since pretty much everyone else just wrote Happy Thanksgiving posts and linked to pictures of turkeys and cranberry sauce.

I just received an e-mail from a reader who misconstrued the title of this article to mean that I was offering sexual favors at a reduced rate. Not only is this wrong, but it is especially frightening since I haven’t even published this article yet. Go back to your Black Friday shopping, crazy stalker.

Until next week, this is Nick, returning to his turkey-induced slumber.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Stuff Worth Reading, Because "Lazy" Is the New "Active"

Author: Nick
Category: Money

talk to the paw, because the dog aint listening

As cold weather grips the nation in its cold, weathery grip, it’s time for another trip around the internet for some more fabulous personal finance advice that I didn’t write. But do you feel that? That… thick feeling in the air, sort of like molasses on a sloth. Yup, the Winter Blues have infected some of your favorite money minds and turned them into lazy puddles of goo. Let’s check out some of its victims and see if there’s anything we can do to give them a jump-start.

  1. The Blues’s first victim: A Penny Closer who ponders which jobs her family should do themselves and which should be outsourced to professionals. Not DIYing your sprinkler system? Lazy!
  2. Aww, Cash Money Life never had a chance. First he says you should buy a used car and then he goes out and buys himself a new one. That’s like telling people to buy a cheap pink turtle and then splurging on the pricey green ones.
  3. Clever Dude dreams of one day winning the lottery, perhaps so he can become a full-time lazy person and pay gorgeous women to fan him and feed him grapes. Sorry Dude, but simple math says you’ll probably have to settle for ceiling fans and your wife’s cooking forever.
  4. It seems the Blues’s victims aren’t limited to personal finance writers, as Advanced Personal Finance shows us—a lazy U.S. government could delay your tax refund next year.
  5. I’ve Paid For This Twice Already fights off the Blues by hopping in the car for a leisurely and frugal drive. Gas may cost you your first-born, but it’s still cheaper than a movie ticket!
  6. The Digerati Life helps you fight the laziness of easy loans that can cause you trouble later. Perhaps Digerati and Paid Twice can form a superhero team to fight the Winter Blues together. Somebody get them some tight spandex costumes on the double!
  7. And finally, we discover the source of all the laziness on the entire internet! Lazy Man and Money is the culprit, but he arranges a plea agreement by confessing to how money laziness got him into debt. Wait a minute… I’ve Paid For This Twice Already wrote the article!!! I bow before you, King of All Things Lazy.

Phew! I feel less lazy already. Well, I’m off to take a six-hour nap, but I’ll be back next week with more exciting personal finance articles you can use, like 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Kitten’s Lobotomy and Make a Fortune Selling Used Condoms to Circus Clowns.